Most indications are that Government hates you! Everything they do is designed to ruin you. They rarely act to increase your freedom, your happiness, your well being or your prosperity. In fact, they mainly act to diminish them.

What is government?

It is not solely ┬áthe elected party which “governs” the nation. Government is a larger concept. Any Body which governs your behaviour is a form of govern-ment. This includes the employees of a store who assert a right to check your bag, or force you to queue in a certain line even though there may be several lines free which you do not technically qualify to join. It includes the Police (who have been largely reduced to a band of hated highway robbers who commit acts of piracy on our roads); the criminals who add Fluoride to the water which your children drink; the massive lobby groups who impose their will upon you essentially through a process of bribery, blackmail and the corruption of the mockery which we call “democratic election”, all to your detriment – through the political support for unscrupulous and treacherous candidates puppets who are screened, selected and presented for election under the classic left/right, red/blue false paradigm.


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