Private Property

One of the tricks which The Government, who hate you, use in order to get around the laws protecting you from their hateful actions against you is to set up “private property” which looks like, feels like, and smells like, a Public Area. These areas are exactly the same as Public Areas apart from you have fewer rights there. In fact, you give up your rights when you enter the area.


We support the right to own private property, and we support the idea that the owner of Private Property can set The Rules which people must follow when they are in that space and can ask you to leave if you don’t follow those rules. That idea works very well in my house. In my house I have a “no-shoes” and a “no-smoking” policy. If you come to my house then I expect you to remove your shoes and refrain from smoking. You might disagree, and in your own house you can do whatever you want, but on my property, you have to obey my rules.


Where the idea of Private Property is abused is in cases where we have huge Shopping Malls the size of small towns who enforce their own set of arbitrary “Laws” , e.g.  “bag check” rules. Or Airports, who enforce security scans. In Canary Wharf in London, the entire area is Private Property. There is a post office, there are supermarkets, there are streets which look exactly like public streets, there are tube (train) stations. It is exactly like a Public Area. But the  facilities located on those premises are essential facilities and you have no alternative other than to enter the Private Property in order to use those services. There are places were you communicate such as the Post Office and Tube Stations, and places where you buy food and clothes.  If you need to do the things that you need to do in order to survive, then you must submit to the rules set by the Private Property owner and give up the Rights which you have in Public Areas.


By enlarging the  areas which are Private Property and moving more and more essential facilities into those areas, The Government, who hates your guts by the way, are able to rescind most of your Rights to privacy such as your Right to refuse Warrant-less Searches. Sure, you can refuse to submit to a Warrant-less Search, but then you will be asked to leave, and then you cannot buy food… and then you will starve to death.


In response to this abuse by The Government, who hate you, we support a policy which recognizes property and areas which are de facto Public. This means that Airports, Shopping Malls, The City Of London, Supermarkets etc… will be labeled as de facto “Public Areas” and in those areas the same Rights which you have in Public Areas will be maintained and enforced at all times. For example, it will be illegal for an owner of that Private Property to ask you to leave the area on the grounds that you insisted on your Rights. Owners who suspect wrong-doing are free to call the Police, who also hate you, and have them conduct a Warranted Search or to determine otherwise whether a crime has been committed. If they suspect such then they can arrest you and you can have your Legal Counsel defend you against the allegations and ensure due process.


Anything less is slavery.


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