Holocaust Denial Laws

The author accepts the official version of The Holocaust and does not deny any part of it.

It is illegal in many countries to not agree with the official version of events and the author confirms that he does agree with whatever The Government says is the history and to any changes in that historical account which The Government decide suit best their purposes.

This site does not discuss the question of whether or not the official version, or any other versions, of the events referred to as “The Holocaust” is correct or to what extent it is correct or accurate. Any comments related to the veracity of claims of or even mentioning the details of the events concerning “The Holocaust” will be removed or edited. Interested parties can find ample discussion elsewhere. The author has had only a cursory glance at both sides of the argument and is not a historian or qualified in anyway to know anything about it. But, he is compelled by The Government, under threat of imprisonment or worse, as he has done above, to state that the official story is absolutely correct and represents the absolute truth at all times.

This page draws attention to the absurdity and hypocrisy of  The Government position which on the one hand out-laws discussion of an historical event, going as far as to imprison those researchers who draw different conclusions to the official version of events; but on the other hand, claim to champion Freedom of Speech and Thought and go so far in that cause as to drop bombs on sleeping babies (for which, we hope, they will burn in the bowels of hell for eternity!), retreating armies of unwilling soldiers (as though they had a choice), and civilian infrastructure in order, at least in part, they claim, to protect those ideals.

Read this list of people who have been imprisoned for up to 6 years for expressing their view on the events of The Holocaust Wikipedia. Think about that. Your Government has stolen up to 6 years from people, not for stealing or killing or raping or any actual harmful act against another human being, but for expressing a viewpoint with which The Government disagrees! Are you okay with that? Does that sound like “Freedom and Democracy” to you?

When it is made illegal to express a viewpoint, then whether any body expresses that they agree or disagree no longer matters. Their true opinion can never be ascertained. To exclude opposing viewpoints, even if they are untrue or considered such, demeans The Truth and insults intelligence. That is no kind of Freedom. It is the opposite of Freedom.

This website is a champion of the absolute right to non-Slanderous and non-Libelous Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thought and the “Holocaust Denial Laws” which exist in many countries are in direct and absolute contravention to, and are an assault upon, those ideals. You should be angry that such laws exist and ashamed that you have allowed your government to get so out of control so as to have implemented them!

Remember, your Government hates you. It is a fact. They want to control every aspect of your life and that includes putting you in prison if you do not agree with them. Holocaust Denial Laws are a “foot-in-the-door” to these sick wretches. They operate and obtain power over you through the Process of Gradualism. It means that they get you to agree to a small idea, the “thin end of the wedge”, and then they get you to agree that since you have yielded that much, then it won’t do any harm to go a little bit further. And then a little further still. Ad infinitum. Well, people. Draw a fucking line in the sand already, you morons!

In reality The Government are a bunch of rat-bag, lying, murdering, swindling, scumbags who actually couldn’t give a shit about the victims of The Holocaust or any victims of any event. They kill babies and are perfectly happy with that – so long as it is politically expedient to do so. It is politically expedient for The Government to feign solace in particular for Jewish people who suffered during WWII, and so they do. But it is fake. They are crocodile tears. They are actually tears of joy shed for the power these crazed lunatics gain from the lobby groups in return for their sniveling obedience.

What they really want is to dominate you and decide what you can and can not think and say. They do this because they crave absolute power over you. They hate you and they want to ruin you. They want you to be miserable and subservient. They want all of your money, all of your property, all of your time, every ounce of your soul. The Government is the expression of pure evil.


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